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We remember learning in classrooms, through textbooks, and lessons from the teachers. Now as educators, we strive to instill knowledge and have a better understanding of our community and the world around us. With new communication technologies, we can support learning by bringing meaningful content and storytelling, directly to our students and life-long learners.

Our Virtually REAL Series features a modern approach to learning by bringing education to you. The series will feature the voices of students and educators who will share their achievements and contributions to their community and culture. The presenters will share topics on history, peace education, current events, and character development. We aim to build partnerships that cultivate relationships through virtual interactions to encourage a better understanding of our world and inspire empowerment. 


Past Presentations

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VRS - Web-Wellness-Managing Mental Health.png

Presented, April 6, 2021

Coming Soon
VRS - Web-Wellness_ Improving your physi

Presented, February 24, 2021

VRS - Web-The Pearl Harbor Child.png

Presented, April 1, 2021

Coming Soon
VRS - Web-Wellness_ Foundations for a ba

Presented, February 9, 2021

VRS - Web-Hawaiis AJA Heroes.png

Presented, March 11, 2021

VRS - Web-Eerie Encounters and Spirits.p

Presented, October 28, 2020

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