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What We Do

REAL Education virtual and on-site programs are focused on student-centered experiences that integrate academics, character development, and community connections. Programs activate critical thinking skills, social engagement, and academic achievement. 


Programs will begin meeting together to present the focus for the lesson and leading up to student centered experiences. Activities include art, writing, and/or project-based exploration to instill personal and academic connections to the lesson. A time will be devoted to students reflecting on new learning that can be applied to personal and academic development. 

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REAL Learning, personalized

Real Learning is an education program inspired by youth perspective.

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Virtually REAL


Virtually REAL Series features a modern approach to learning by bringing education to you. The series will feature the voices of students and educators who will share their achievements and contributions to their community and culture.

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“You, Me and We” literary series addresses social and cultural experience of our world. 

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