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Infinitely Connect-Ed
Peace Education Program

We all wish to live in a world of peace. A place we can share our values and instill
positive change. Life is a puzzle waiting to be shared and discovered through peace
and education.


About Infinitely Connect-Ed Peace Education

Infinitely Connect-Ed focuses on peace and relating topics, that provides virtual and onsite opportunities for youth to lead discussions, engage in student-led activities, and develop reflective leadership actions to contribute to society.

PreKindergarten through 2nd Grade

Student will engage in student-centered discussion and activities focused on the topics of character building, social interactions, conflict resolution and/or community awareness. We will begin our lesson together with a story and leading up to the activities. Activities includes various art mediums, problem-based exploration, reading, and writing. Our lessons ends with a reflective discussion that provides an opportunity for students to share their learning and connections.

Youth Workshops and Summits

Designed for high school and college level students to inspire leadership initiative and contribute to positive changes within their community and around the world. Participants will build their confidence in effective communication, research, actively engaging in a team, and the ability to lead.


Community Service Certification Program for Youth Leaders

The Infinitely Connect-Ed certification program acknowledges student leaders’ accomplishments and contributions to their community. The program encourages students to present their peace initiative in their community through an online forum and virtual series.



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Program Inquiry
If you are interested in a personalized peace education, character building, and conflict resolution program for your school or organization, please contact Jennifer Sagon-Taeza at

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