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WELLNESS: Foundations
for a balanced life
with   Health Coach Molly Willson, OTR

About this presentation

Wellness education is the foundation for a balanced life. Health and wellness give you the tools to make positive choices that enrich our lives for lifelong learning skills. The importance of wellness instills mindful eating habits, integration of positive self-talk, establishing healthy relationships and the awareness of a balanced mindful living. By understanding key concepts to wellness, we are empowered to grow in all areas of life and education.


This presentation is approximately 40 minutes and will include a 20 minute Q & A session with Molly Willson.

Registration details

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February 9, 2021
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1:00 PM
Hawaii Standard Time
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About Molly Willson, OTR

Molly is a licensed and registered occupational therapist and trained Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Molly has been providing service as an occupational therapist for 7 years in a range of traditional medical facilities and community-based settings including hospitals, rehabilitations, nursing homes, schools, non-profit and fundraising organizations, and wellness spas and studios. She has worked as a traveling therapist up until 2019, where she spent time in Maui study and practice principles of mindfulness and yoga that have deepened her understanding and application of healthy living. Through this process,


Molly decided to take on a different role as a leader for a larger impact as a community advocate and wellness consultant to individuals, families, and groups. Her wide range of expertise in human development, health, and global evolution make Molly an asset for empowering and enabling individuals towards healthy and mindful living. Molly serves individuals and communities through her private, home-based occupational therapy practice, Travel To You Island Therapy.


She also serves as a school-based therapist in the local communities providing specialized care to students and classroom support. She has partnered with local non profit organizations and groups to offer seminars, speaking events, and support to educate on several different areas of health and wellness. For her future, Molly hopes to inspire personal growth and wellbeing that revolutionizes modern living and creates a world with more peace and presence.


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