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Collaboration: Nagasaki Foundation for the Promotion


Program: Nagasaki 2 Day Virtual Seminar 


Goal: Develop an understanding for the historical events and stories of humanities for Hawaii and Japan as it relates to World War II


  • Students gained the confidence and skills in sharing their perspective of history and humanities. These skillsets can be applied towards future and current professional and personal goals.

  • Students participated in interactive discussions led by experts in the field of History, Peace Education, and Education

  • Participation in student-led discussions cross culturally between students in Japan and Hawaii. Students developed an appreciation and awareness for each culture

This was my first tine attending the Nagasaki Seminar and I learned so much. One of the lessons I learned was, nothing is perfect. One activity at the end of the seminar was for us to put a puzzle together. None of us could solve it because it was missing one piece. It was then stated that the missing piece is hidden. When we discovered the missing piece, we were able to finally complete the puzzle. This goes back to the idea that nothing being perfect. History is like a puzzle. The puzzle wasn't perfect until someone made a difference. The world right now is not perfect but with our efforts we could take part in making our world better for us. Anyone can make a difference  (Jay, Middle School Student)

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