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Hiroshima Peace Words.png
Hiroshima Peace Words.png

Collaborator: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


Program: Hiroshima Hibakusha - Successor of the atomic bombing experience


Goal: Sharing the perspectives of World War II across the Pacific.



  • Virtual program provided the opportunity for interaction between guests and participants

  • Conveyed the awareness of perspectives and experiences of individuals from Japan who were affected by World War II

  • Educated participants about the history of World War II and the importance of reconciliation and peace throughout the world

  • Virtual program was featured on Asahi Shimbun Digital Media


It truly is an honor to listen to a hibakusha from Japan. The extensive training is quite impressive and is an exceptional way to carry on the stories of history to the world and for future generations. I for one, have not had this amazing opportunity to listen to a story of a survivor from Japan. Naoko was able to share the story with passion and knowledge.  Impressive (participant)

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