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Collaboration: Hawaii Innovative Knowledge Institute


Program: Nagasaki 5, 2-Week Internship

Goal: The 2-week internship was developed to support Nagasaki University students to develop independence, social skills, and practice the English language by working and engaging directly with staff and visitors at Pearl Harbor National Memorial and Pacific Historic Parks. As a first-time visitor to the island, students were expected to follow a 2-week agenda that included service hours and research on the history of Hawaii and the attack on Pearl Harbor.


  • Participation in a rotational schedule that provided the opportunity to experience various worksites at Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

  • Research was conducted on the history and interpretation of the exhibits at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial Visitor Center.

  • Comparison of history, structure, interpretation, and visitor experience between Pearl Harbor National Memorial and Nagasaki Peace Museum.

  • Students from Nagasaki University led a peace discussion with local high school students to practice social, communication, and English skills.

  • Students designed and presented their personal experience, skillsets, and research developed throughout the internship and research as a culminating project.

I appreciate for your support about our internship. I learned and experienced a lot from doing volunteer and translation of exhibits into Japanese. You always help us and being kind to us! I greatly appreciate your kindness. Thank you for all you’ve done. (Nagasaki University Student)

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