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Collaboration: Hawaii Technology Academy


Program: Living History Community Based Elective


Goal: Develop students as experts on a chosen exhibit at Pearl Harbor National Memorial and present historical knowledge and interpretations through technology and virtual event.


  • Students gained the confidence and skills in leadership, and communication to present
    their projects to a local, mainland, and international audience.

  • Students participated in small group discussions led by experts in the field of Education, Communication, Technology, and International Exchange to gain skillsets instilled through a Community Based Elective. These skillsets can be applied towards future and current professional and personal goals.

  • Students designed a presentation using Prezi and presented it to the lead experts and the parents. Student led a Q and A discussion with the class as it pertains to their topic.

  • Students participated in Impromptu presentations to visitors at Pearl Harbor National Memorial, sharing their knowledge of their chosen exhibit.

  • Students participated in the first annual Youth Peace Symposium 2019. They represented local high school students by sharing their knowledge about history and how to contribute to the ongoing reconciliation and forgiveness between Japan and the United States of America.

Community based elective was designed to address standards, goals, and connections with the community. The elective was engaging and provided the connection for students to apply their knowledge beyond our local community. My child gained skills that he can continue to apply as a student and his choice of career. Students were fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with the students from Nagasaki, Japan. All of this in one semester. Amazing! (Hawaii Technology Academy Parent)

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