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Discovering the Pacific

The personalized 4-day program explores the history and stories of Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines. Engage in student-centered activities and reflect on the history of the Pacific, the book-ends of World War II, and our continued journey towards reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace. Presentations are led by educators and historians who bring awareness to valuable life lessons in history and the connections and applications of classroom learning with real world experiences. 

Student-Centered Activities

Programs will focus on the history and story of the Pacific through student-centered activities. We will begin our lesson together to present the agenda, our goals, and leading up to the connecting activities. Activities may include art, problem-based exploration, and writing. Closing reflections will provide an opportunity for students to share their learning experiences and personal connections.


Discovering the Pacific Place-Based Site Visits 

Explore historical sites in Hawaii with an educator and/or student-led guide. Historical site visits is an opportunity to gain valuable experiences and connect the knowledge learned from classroom lessons or personal experiences.

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