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Collaboration: Kiwanis Club of Pearl Harbor

Program: Virtual Education - Kiwani's One Day Project

Goal: Kiwanis One Day project occurs every year. With the pandemic, the Kiwanis Club looked for creative ways for the high school Key Clubs in Aiea, Hanalani, Leilehua, Mililani, Pearl City, and Waipahu to continue community service. Kiwanis One Day brings together the Kiwanis family from all over the world to do service.


  • Bring awareness students about the importance of peace education by sharing our program "Infinitely Connect-Ed"

  • Shared the story of Sadako as it was shared by Masahiro Sasaki

  • Lead an origami paper crane folding lesson

  • Paper cranes donated to the Children's Peace Monument in Japan

Thank you so much for being on our Kiwanis One Day call this evening. We enjoyed hearing the connections that were formed in the past and continuing to share the future (Kay, Educator)

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