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Development Advisor

Sarah Walsh serves as Development Advisor for Real Innovative Connections, in which she advises on philanthropic strategies to support donor development. She brings 15+ years knowledge of nonprofit development, event and program planning, marketing, and communications. Sarah is highly involved with assisting in the development of our new Youth Leadership Board and works closely with donors interested in impact investing.


She has a passion for serving her community. A graduate in Sociology from the University of Colorado, you can say her passion for helping people and her love of the great outdoors was sparked there.


As a military spouse, she doesn’t always get to choose where she calls home, but her love for Hawaii and her luck with duty station assignments has allowed her to call Hawaii home for over 7 years. She is an active member of the Rotary Club of Kapolei Sunset, and is a firm believer in education and continuance learning. Sarah recently received a Digital Marketing Certification from eCornell University.

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